I HATE The Word Diet

  What is happening to people now a days? Why is everyone so obsessed with being skinny, or thin, or beautiful? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look better and improve your self confidence, but it has gone too far. All over the world, there are crazy diets cropping up. Eat this, drink only grapefruit […]

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A List of My Favorite Websites

So I thought I would share some of my favorite sites in case you were ever bored and needed something to do. I highly recommend checking them all out if you get a chance. ūüôā Daily Sites amirite.net -This is a great site with a wonderful community. The people here tell it like it is […]

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My Mom and I

Yesterday my mom started yelling at me. It was quite random, actually. She suddenly decided I needed to vacuum my room and out of nowhere, started yelling about how I do nothing all the time. She said I needed to clean my room and ranted about how she was doing all the work by moving […]

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This is a feeling everyone can relate to. When life just builds up, and there are so many different pressures on you that you feel close to a breaking point. And right now, my stress is school. Further away, I mean the immense pressure put on all children to get into a good college in […]

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  I’ve got a hankering to blog.   Okay, so that was a pretty clich√©¬†way to start this post. I don’t even know what I’m going to write about, so prepare for a jumble of thoughts. First off, yesterday I had a dance performance at my school’s International Night. It was stressful and kind of […]

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**SPOILERS** First off, let me say that I know not everyone loves Glee. There are many varying opinions. I just wanted to say that I accept that the show is corny, unrealistic, and stereotypical; but please don’t bash on it and just let others enjoy what they want to. Now to the point: I think […]

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Insight to Indian Life

This text is brown, just like me. I’m a teenage girl who was born in the United States from two Indian immigrants. Some immigrants have stories of great accomplishment or terror; my parents have neither and that is something to be thankful for. I have many things to say on the topic of Indians, so […]

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Goodbye Lullaby

I’ve been a huge fan of Avril Lavigne since I was a little girl; my best friend had her first CD, Let Go. I remember that we would listen to it all the time and sing her songs on the bus ride home. I bought her next CD and all her songs just spoke of […]

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For some unknown reason, I’ve had a recent obsession with Snickers bars. I never used to be¬†particularly¬†fond of them; I actually didn’t like them at times. But when I was doing homework the other day I saw a full-size bar in my pantry and decided to be a rebel; I opened it even though I […]

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