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I HATE The Word Diet

31 Mar


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What is happening to people now a days? Why is everyone so obsessed with being skinny, or thin, or beautiful? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look better and improve your self confidence, but it has gone too far.

All over the world, there are crazy diets cropping up. Eat this, drink only grapefruit juice, eat tons of celery. How about the crazy “Eat a tapeworm egg”?! And not to mention all the plastic surgery going around, especially ones involving weight. If someone doesn’t even work to lose weight, how do they expect to stay skinny after all the dangerous and risky surgeries?

The word diet means you want to lose weight. And you probably want to lose weight to look better, feel better, and be happier. But just being slim doesn’t give you everything. People have lost sight of the main purpose. Instead of wanting to be stick thin, we should focus on being healthy. Don’t eat 2 carrots a day, eat however much food you want, so long as it’s good for you!

It seems that in this world, people are willing to do everything to lose weight EXCEPT exercise.

Isn’t that funny? Exercise has numerous benefits for you, and living a healthy lifestyle increases lifespan. A person doesn’t have to be thin to be healthy, and being thin doesn’t mean you’re healthy either. That includes me; I’m slim but I’m definitely not healthy. And if I were fat (I don’t know why I’m not) I wouldn’t try some crazy scheme to get thin fast. I would recognize that there was a problem and work to help my body.

That being said, I definitely don’t exercise or eat right. Which makes me a hypocrite. I acknowledge that I need to make my body better by treating it right, and I hope I will achieve that goal soon. I just hope that everyone understands that in today’s society, body image is placed before personal health and wellbeing, and that needs to change.

A List of My Favorite Websites

29 Mar

So I thought I would share some of my favorite sites in case you were ever bored and needed something to do. I highly recommend checking them all out if you get a chance. 🙂

Daily Sites -This is a great site with a wonderful community. The people here tell it like it is and take no BS. It’s basically where you post your opinions (a lot of people type jokes too) and you’ll find an amazing blend of many different topics and points of discussion here. I’d definitely recommend you make an account and go here regularly. -A great art site where you can showcase and show off your writing or art creating ability; you can post up basically anything you’d like as long as it fits into one of their categories. Also great for checking out awesome work, many of which include hilarious comics. -The only reason I put this here is because it’s one of the sites I frequent. I don’t think it needs any explaining, because if you haven’t heard of it yet I don’t understand how you can currently be on the internet. -A hilarious and interesting place where you can check out articles that are guaranteed to catch your interest. -Again, you live under a rock if you haven’t heard of this site. Some of my favorite youtuber’s are communitychannel, The Midnight Beast, nigahiga, Wongfu Productions, and kinagrannis. If I remember more later (there are plenty) I’ll update this list. -Entertaining if you find humor in other peoples misery. >:)

Sites I Occasionally Visit: -Great for game discussions, guides, and reviews. -Funny sites to read when you have free time. -Great entertaining stories about stupid people, but will sometimes have you shaking your head about the fate of humanity and it’s stupidity. ^_^; -This site is great for reading enthusiasts. They have pretty much every book ever written so you can keep track of everything you’ve read and find other great books to read. All books are rated and other users post numerous reviews. -This whole chain of sites (the rest are on the top bar of this site) are great for opening your eyes. I can only take SBS in small doses because it can get depressing. Plus some posts are fake/overdramatic; not to be insensitive. Also, some comments can be harsh; even when people need support, they harp on some insignificant detail. I especially like smartph-owned because it has great comedy; but there are some fakes here too. -Cooking sites for great recipes. PW has awesome step-by-step picture guides.

You guys better appreciate me putting links for every site, it took a while >_>

Do you guys think I use the computer WAY too much? Don’t worry, I think so too.

My Mom and I

29 Mar

Yesterday my mom started yelling at me.

It was quite random, actually. She suddenly decided I needed to vacuum my room and out of nowhere, started yelling about how I do nothing all the time. She said I needed to clean my room and ranted about how she was doing all the work by moving my furniture. Then, she found the clothes my aunt gave me for Christmas and we both realized it was past the date to exchange them (they were too small). She then created a storm about how I was so non-attentive and remarked “Where is your mind?!”. When I was finally alone I thought furiously to myself ‘Does she think my life is some piece of cake? That high school is no big deal? Let alone at the academic standpoint, school is extremely strenuous. Does she think all of my good grades are falling out of the sky? She gives me no credit!’

She came in to my room later and started cleaning the vacuum. She started again, not really yelling but still talking sternly. I mentioned some of my previous thoughts with a shortened version and luckily, it seemed to calm her down a bit. She was back to a normal tone and explained how she needed to teach me all the necessary skills in life. She said it was wonderful that I was doing well in school, but that I still had a lot of free time and school can’t teach me everything. I need to be able to live on my own. See, if she hadn’t yelled at me in the first place and just said that I would have listened. >_>

That got me thinking. First off, let me say I only see my mom 3 days a week. I’m actually home alone a lot. She has an evening job so she’s never home when I’m awake. Sometimes in the morning she drops me to the bus stop, but that hardly counts. It’s pretty much as if she works in a different country 4 days a week and every night a PB&J sandwich magically appears in my fridge for my lunch the next day. So in total, I see her Saturday evenings, Sundays, and Monday afternoons.

When my mom said how she wanted to teach me necessary skills, I got the impression that she felt kind of desperate. I mean, she only sees me three days. So I think that in those three days, she feels the need to be a mother as much as possible. Maybe that’s why I get random outbursts like this. Maybe she feels guilty about not being here all the time so she tries a little too hard when she is here.

These are just some things that popped into my head. This blog post was just a way to get my feelings out, so if you stuck around and decided to read it then thank you.

Review of Mockingjay from Hunger Games Series

28 Mar

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I have a Goodreads Account and so far, I’ve only reviewed two books. One was Twilight, and the other was Mockingjay. I gave Twilight a complete bashing even though it could pass for 2 and a half stars, and Mockingjay got 5 stars. Here’s my review of it. **BEWARE: SPOILERS***

This book is very powerful.
The third in the Hunger Games Trilogy, it ends the series in a much different way than it started. This ending was not satisfying, yet it did not leave me disappointed. The book ended leaving me with dull, aching pain, but not the same as the fresh pain I felt as I experienced some events in the book. I’m sure none of us were expecting a nice happy ending; I wasn’t, being familiar with the beloved Gregor series and how Collins ended the entire series with a never to be revealed cliffhanger. But this is far from what anyone could have guessed.
I, and I’m guessing many others, felt the tension from romance and politics build up in the last two books. So for this final one, now that we have a balloon full of air near bursting point, shouldn’t we get an ending with a bang? A pop, maybe with confetti hidden inside the balloon? Instead the balloon deflates without us realizing; when Prim dies, the balloon suddenly just goes out and leaves us empty.
I could feel Katniss’s pain alongside her, understand her madness as it came alive. I teared up when Prim died and read the next few pages in a daze, similar to Katniss’s. I was a little disappointed that the defeat of the Capitol was rushed, but since it’s in Katniss’s point of view I can’t argue, because of course she’s grieving. The next chapters were surreal as Katniss slowly lost her mind and later awoke into her new life with Peeta. Katniss has forever changed, and so has Peeta, and so has this series. It’s not an ending to make you angry, but more shocked. Collins has created it with raw emotional power, so unlike the last two paced by adventure. I would use bittersweet to describe it, but it’s not even that sweet. It’s more like, settling. As if the worst has occurred so you just go through life drudgingly and take whatever happiness you can.
Some things others have complained about is Gale and Finnick. I too felt that Finnick was overlooked, and deserved more grieving. Sure, after Prim died how could Katniss think of anything else? But when they were camped out in Tigris’s store right after he and the others died, I wish they could have shown some sadness. And as for Gale, I get that she didn’t end up with him because he had too much of an aggressive nature for her after she had gone through what she had. But I hoped for her to mention them being friends again instead of apparently growing old in separate districts with no mentioned contact.
Ah, this book makes me emotionally drained. But this is the kind of story that inspires me to keep reading and writing.

Okay, that’s it! Let me know what you think. Also, if you want to read said mentioned Twilight review, let me know ^_^


27 Mar

Picture from Google ImagesThis is a feeling everyone can relate to. When life just builds up, and there are so many different pressures on you that you feel close to a breaking point. And right now, my stress is school.

Further away, I mean the immense pressure put on all children to get into a good college in order to get a good job. This leads to overbearingly difficult classes, extracurriculars, and tons of studying. I’m currently taking a few difficult classes and I am not looking forward to next year when I take 4 AP’s which include an incredibly hard calculus class. And right now, life isn’t too great either. As I write this, I’m putting off studying for two huge tests tomorrow, writing a paper, and doing a long/tedious history ‘essay’ type assignment. And guess what? It’s all for tomorrow. I guess letting this all out on my blog is a way for me to clear my mind.

Which brings me to my next topic; procrastination. I’m a horrible sufferer of procrastination, and I can never seem to stop. I guess I’m just very lazy and have a hard time pushing myself until I get to a desperate ‘deadline’ point. It hasn’t gotten to where I’m struggling to finish things the day of, in school. There are many people at my school who do that and it doesn’t look fun. Also, I never really stay up past 11 and in most extreme cases, 11:30. So looking at the facts, I guess I’m not too bad with doing my work but it still feels like procrastination strikes me hard. I’m going to try to work on that, and hopefully once I publish this I can get back to work.

Does procrastination afflict any of you? Are any of you in high school and really feeling the pressure, like I am? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


**UPDATE** I think it’s been about an hour, and I’m still procrastinating. Sigh. >_< I think the time switch from a while back made it worse. I see how bright it is outside and think ‘Oh I have plenty of time! It’s still light outside!’ Then BAM, it’s 9 o’ clock and I’m screwed.


26 Mar


I’ve got a hankering to blog.


Okay, so that was a pretty cliché way to start this post. I don’t even know what I’m going to write about, so prepare for a jumble of thoughts.

First off, yesterday I had a dance performance at my school’s International Night. It was stressful and kind of unorganized but amazingly, everything turned out awesome. It was tons of fun doing my Bollywood dance and it certainly didn’t bother me when my friends kept screaming that they loved me. 😉

Tying into my current post theme about my life, I’m going to Myrtle Beach later in April. Actually I’m leaving the day of my birthday, so that’s pretty nice. I went to buy a swim suit a couple weeks back for the trip and obviously I got a one-piece…well it was two pieces but still designed exactly like a one-piece. I say obviously because my Indian mother would never allow me to wear a bikini. Besides, I don’t mind because I don’t think I’d feel comfortable wearing one. Anyways, while there I started wondering how similar yet different bikinis are to underwear. I mean, why is it socially acceptable to be scantily clad wearing a bikini while underwear is so taboo? I mean, there are hundreds of people around you while you’re in the middle of public, and girls are wearing next to nothing. While seeing someone in their underwear is so terrible. Maybe because swim wear is made to be thicker?

Anyways, here’s the moment where you realize I’m not going anywhere with this. I don’t condemn the fact that girls, and guys, basically wear waterproof underwear all the time in the summer. I’m just simply observing on the fact and reflecting my thoughts, although they don’t really have opinion behind them. I mean, should girls have decency to at least wear one-pieces? It’s their choice. Should speedo’s not exist? Yes. They really shouldn’t.

So that’s my randomness of the day. Yes, this is all you get even though I haven’t blogged for more than a week. I’m sorry. I’m especially sorry for these short fragments I’m using to create sentences. I like curry. I also like Taco Bell. I’m trying to be funny. I know that it’s not working.

Alright, bye! Hope you enjoyed. And subscribe for more posts like this! You know, if you want. Please?


16 Mar


First off, let me say that I know not everyone loves Glee. There are many varying opinions. I just wanted to say that I accept that the show is corny, unrealistic, and stereotypical; but please don’t bash on it and just let others enjoy what they want to. Now to the point: I think Tuesday’s episode (Original Songs) was the best I’ve ever seen. First off, we finally see Kurt and Blaine together! I couldn’t stop smiling 🙂

Also, there were a ton of hilarious parts throughout. We have a revival of Brittany’s famous one-liner jokes. Also the attempts at song writing were amazing and really funny! But this Glee episode didn’t disappoint in any aspect; there was tons of emotion occurring mostly with Rachel. I’m starting to not like Quinn even more and she seemed a little derailed when she went off in her little fantasy rant about her and Finn.

Anyways, I think later I’m going to have a post about all my favorite TV shows, but for right now I’ll finish this fan-girl rant about Glee. But seriously, this show makes me so happy at times; I mean, how can Kurt and Blaine not make you smile?