26 Mar


I’ve got a hankering to blog.


Okay, so that was a pretty cliché way to start this post. I don’t even know what I’m going to write about, so prepare for a jumble of thoughts.

First off, yesterday I had a dance performance at my school’s International Night. It was stressful and kind of unorganized but amazingly, everything turned out awesome. It was tons of fun doing my Bollywood dance and it certainly didn’t bother me when my friends kept screaming that they loved me. 😉

Tying into my current post theme about my life, I’m going to Myrtle Beach later in April. Actually I’m leaving the day of my birthday, so that’s pretty nice. I went to buy a swim suit a couple weeks back for the trip and obviously I got a one-piece…well it was two pieces but still designed exactly like a one-piece. I say obviously because my Indian mother would never allow me to wear a bikini. Besides, I don’t mind because I don’t think I’d feel comfortable wearing one. Anyways, while there I started wondering how similar yet different bikinis are to underwear. I mean, why is it socially acceptable to be scantily clad wearing a bikini while underwear is so taboo? I mean, there are hundreds of people around you while you’re in the middle of public, and girls are wearing next to nothing. While seeing someone in their underwear is so terrible. Maybe because swim wear is made to be thicker?

Anyways, here’s the moment where you realize I’m not going anywhere with this. I don’t condemn the fact that girls, and guys, basically wear waterproof underwear all the time in the summer. I’m just simply observing on the fact and reflecting my thoughts, although they don’t really have opinion behind them. I mean, should girls have decency to at least wear one-pieces? It’s their choice. Should speedo’s not exist? Yes. They really shouldn’t.

So that’s my randomness of the day. Yes, this is all you get even though I haven’t blogged for more than a week. I’m sorry. I’m especially sorry for these short fragments I’m using to create sentences. I like curry. I also like Taco Bell. I’m trying to be funny. I know that it’s not working.

Alright, bye! Hope you enjoyed. And subscribe for more posts like this! You know, if you want. Please?


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