Review of Mockingjay from Hunger Games Series

28 Mar

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I have a Goodreads Account and so far, I’ve only reviewed two books. One was Twilight, and the other was Mockingjay. I gave Twilight a complete bashing even though it could pass for 2 and a half stars, and Mockingjay got 5 stars. Here’s my review of it. **BEWARE: SPOILERS***

This book is very powerful.
The third in the Hunger Games Trilogy, it ends the series in a much different way than it started. This ending was not satisfying, yet it did not leave me disappointed. The book ended leaving me with dull, aching pain, but not the same as the fresh pain I felt as I experienced some events in the book. I’m sure none of us were expecting a nice happy ending; I wasn’t, being familiar with the beloved Gregor series and how Collins ended the entire series with a never to be revealed cliffhanger. But this is far from what anyone could have guessed.
I, and I’m guessing many others, felt the tension from romance and politics build up in the last two books. So for this final one, now that we have a balloon full of air near bursting point, shouldn’t we get an ending with a bang? A pop, maybe with confetti hidden inside the balloon? Instead the balloon deflates without us realizing; when Prim dies, the balloon suddenly just goes out and leaves us empty.
I could feel Katniss’s pain alongside her, understand her madness as it came alive. I teared up when Prim died and read the next few pages in a daze, similar to Katniss’s. I was a little disappointed that the defeat of the Capitol was rushed, but since it’s in Katniss’s point of view I can’t argue, because of course she’s grieving. The next chapters were surreal as Katniss slowly lost her mind and later awoke into her new life with Peeta. Katniss has forever changed, and so has Peeta, and so has this series. It’s not an ending to make you angry, but more shocked. Collins has created it with raw emotional power, so unlike the last two paced by adventure. I would use bittersweet to describe it, but it’s not even that sweet. It’s more like, settling. As if the worst has occurred so you just go through life drudgingly and take whatever happiness you can.
Some things others have complained about is Gale and Finnick. I too felt that Finnick was overlooked, and deserved more grieving. Sure, after Prim died how could Katniss think of anything else? But when they were camped out in Tigris’s store right after he and the others died, I wish they could have shown some sadness. And as for Gale, I get that she didn’t end up with him because he had too much of an aggressive nature for her after she had gone through what she had. But I hoped for her to mention them being friends again instead of apparently growing old in separate districts with no mentioned contact.
Ah, this book makes me emotionally drained. But this is the kind of story that inspires me to keep reading and writing.

Okay, that’s it! Let me know what you think. Also, if you want to read said mentioned Twilight review, let me know ^_^


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