I HATE The Word Diet

31 Mar


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What is happening to people now a days? Why is everyone so obsessed with being skinny, or thin, or beautiful? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look better and improve your self confidence, but it has gone too far.

All over the world, there are crazy diets cropping up. Eat this, drink only grapefruit juice, eat tons of celery. How about the crazy “Eat a tapeworm egg”?! And not to mention all the plastic surgery going around, especially ones involving weight. If someone doesn’t even work to lose weight, how do they expect to stay skinny after all the dangerous and risky surgeries?

The word diet means you want to lose weight. And you probably want to lose weight to look better, feel better, and be happier. But just being slim doesn’t give you everything. People have lost sight of the main purpose. Instead of wanting to be stick thin, we should focus on being healthy. Don’t eat 2 carrots a day, eat however much food you want, so long as it’s good for you!

It seems that in this world, people are willing to do everything to lose weight EXCEPT exercise.

Isn’t that funny? Exercise has numerous benefits for you, and living a healthy lifestyle increases lifespan. A person doesn’t have to be thin to be healthy, and being thin doesn’t mean you’re healthy either. That includes me; I’m slim but I’m definitely not healthy. And if I were fat (I don’t know why I’m not) I wouldn’t try some crazy scheme to get thin fast. I would recognize that there was a problem and work to help my body.

That being said, I definitely don’t exercise or eat right. Which makes me a hypocrite. I acknowledge that I need to make my body better by treating it right, and I hope I will achieve that goal soon. I just hope that everyone understands that in today’s society, body image is placed before personal health and wellbeing, and that needs to change.


3 Responses to “I HATE The Word Diet”

  1. prashantsinghthakur May 2, 2012 at 12:52 AM #

    Personality has two facets – perception (for yourself) and presentation (for others). You do have control on both of them. The bottom line is being comfortable with both. Being healthy matters as good as feeling healthy does. Well expressed article. Following!

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