This has to be the most insignificant thing I’ve ever discussed. Yesterday I took a nap. Normally I don’t take naps; I don’t really like them. You wake up and it’s suddenly dark outside, you’re completely disoriented, and very groggy. At least, that’s how I am whenever I take them. And yet for some reason […]

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Public Speaking

I terribly hate talking in front of people. I wasn’t always this way. In elementary school I was fine giving presentations and speeches, and all that. Even in middle school I had no problems; I was shy but never had a problem going up in front of the class. And then one day in English […]

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“Today is a perfect day for a perfect day” Lovely song, and I love how the video creator added the feel-good effect to it. Hopefully it’ll act as inspiration for me to start my homework that I’ve been putting off since the start of my spring break last Saturday. Fun days: 2. Completely wasted days: […]

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Brand Names

That bag pictured above? Yeah, it’s $1,400. It is also made of some poor animal, who was killed just so some rich lady can stuff more expensive things and gadgets into its cleaned up carcass. What brings people to buy things that they don’t need? I mean, obviously sometimes the high quality of a good […]

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The Curly Girl Method

If you have curly hair, I’m sure you can understand the hard struggle we have to go through. The thick, coarse hair that demands constant upkeep. The insane frizz and bushiness it gives us if we do something wrong. The thousands of tangles it secretly ties itself into when we aren’t looking. Yes, curly hair demands […]

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No Views?

So after blogging for a couple weeks, I got more and more views each week and day. The highest was 60 in one day; but then I stopped for only a few days and now I have about 5 views daily. I see that blogging needs constant upkeep, so tomorrow I will be delivering another […]

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Short Update

Hey guys! So my Myrtle Beach trip, and my birthday, are finally here! Tomorrow I’ll be stuck on a bus for many hours but then get a nice dinner and a show to celebrate my big day 🙂 I just wanted to make this post a little personal update, and also wanted to let you […]

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Downloading Music/Books

Some people find it wrong and immoral to download music. First of all, it’s illegal. Second, the artist worked hard on the song and spent a lot of money on it, which thousands of people can now get for free. But really, hasn’t music gotten unreasonable lately? I have an iPod with about 550 songs; […]

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I’m ashamed to say that I’ve gotten a manicure about 4 times now. It’s not like I just decided to go (a majority of the time); someone offered to take me 3 out of 4 times and I simply agreed; I mean, it’s a free manicure! I say ashamed because they’re kind of a complete […]

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