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30 Apr


 This has to be the most insignificant thing I’ve ever discussed.

Yesterday I took a nap. Normally I don’t take naps; I don’t really like them. You wake up and it’s suddenly dark outside, you’re completely disoriented, and very groggy. At least, that’s how I am whenever I take them. And yet for some reason yesterday, I was laying on my bed and reading a book when I just got kind of bored of it, so I turned the lights off and then I fell asleep. As soon as I woke up I took a shower, and it was practically 8 by then. But for some reason, I suddenly felt more productive. I went downstairs straightaway and got all my homework out. I got almost half of my Spanish homework done (although granted, it was only two pages of a workbook) and…well, that’s it. So conclusion? Naps kind of suck, because I couldn’t fall asleep again until 11:30 last night.

Short and sweet post? Maybe too short. Here’s a personal update: AP exam in 2 weeks, no studying has been done so far. Wish me luck, I’m doomed!

Public Speaking

22 Apr


I terribly hate talking in front of people.

I wasn’t always this way. In elementary school I was fine giving presentations and speeches, and all that. Even in middle school I had no problems; I was shy but never had a problem going up in front of the class. And then one day in English class in ninth grade, I was giving a presentation on a book. I didn’t even have to stand up; I was just sitting. I didn’t really have anything exact prepared, and then it happened: my voice started shaking. It got really bad and awkward and I couldn’t think of anything to say. As I rambled, I realized I hadn’t breathed in a while. I had to stop talking, pause, and take a deep, shaky breath. It felt like every second was dragging by; every moment I wasn’t talking, it was a deathly long silence when in reality it was only 2 or 3 seconds. My cheeks felt like they were getting hotter, and my voice was wavering and wobbling. I ended with a weak ‘and…yeah.’ and so it began. Ever since then, I’ve had the same problem: my voice starts shaking while I’m giving a presentation. It’s led to me having anxiety whenever I’m told we have to present, and nerves days in advance. Sometimes if I know I have to give a presentation soon, I have a hard time sleeping because I become so preoccupied with it. About twice since then, it hasn’t happened to me while I was presenting. I’ve been so relieved every time it doesn’t, but I have no idea how to stop it every other time.

Anyone else inflicted with the agony I have when I know I have to give a presentation? I’d love to hear your stories and how you cope with it. I wish I wasn’t like this, I need to find a way to fix it! Why can’t I go back to how I was before? D:


21 Apr

“Today is a perfect day for a perfect day”

Lovely song, and I love how the video creator added the feel-good effect to it. Hopefully it’ll act as inspiration for me to start my homework that I’ve been putting off since the start of my spring break last Saturday. Fun days: 2. Completely wasted days: 3

Must. do. homework! Word History AP Test is exactly 3 weeks away! I’m doomed.

Funny how there are only like 6 sentences in this post, yet the tone has such a drastic change by the end. This is how my mind works.

Brand Names

19 Apr


That bag pictured above? Yeah, it’s $1,400. It is also made of some poor animal, who was killed just so some rich lady can stuff more expensive things and gadgets into its cleaned up carcass.

What brings people to buy things that they don’t need? I mean, obviously sometimes the high quality of a good is nice, and luxuries never feel bad. But you reach a point where something purchasable goes beyond ‘pampering yourself’ and into ‘you simply do not need this’. It goes back to my post about manicures; people with a lot of money use it in frivolous ways. And like how I mentioned one of my relatives falls victim to that trap, she does to this one too. She buys tons of pointless, expensive things simply because they are brand name items. For my birthday, she gave me a Tiffany’s bracelet. Let me say, of course I appreciate the gift and I do like it. But honestly, I don’t wear much jewelry, and the bracelet is just a boring silver chain with a heart on it (which advertises itself, might I add). Nothing worth $250; it wouldn’t be anywhere near that price if it just hadn’t been made by Tiffany’s.

The same goes for anything. How about clothes? Some plain white shirt, six dollars at Walmart. Make it out of thinner and worse material, put a bird symbol on the top corner, and bam. That Hollister shirt is now 26 bucks. And people don’t care; they lap it up. They’d willingly pay more for the same thing so long as it’s made by a famous company. It’s pretty sad.

It’s equally sad how high name companies use this to their advantage as they squeeze money from willing patrons. They’ll overprice all their items because they know people will pay that much for it.

I can’t really think of a good way to wrap this up; just don’t fall too much into a necessity for brand name items. Sure, they’ll make you feel good; but your wallet isn’t gonna like it.

On a side note, Glee is on today! I’ve been anticipating this for so long; they’ve made me wait more than a month since their last episode! This one better be good >_<

That also makes me consider how long I’ve had this blog; longer than a month, it seems. Wow, that’s crazy. But awesome at the same time since I’m about to hit half a thousand views 🙂 Thanks to all my faithful viewers, I hope to never disappoint you!

The Curly Girl Method

12 Apr

My hair from the back. Before starting Curly Girl

If you have curly hair, I’m sure you can understand the hard struggle we have to go through. The thick, coarse hair that demands constant upkeep. The insane frizz and bushiness it gives us if we do something wrong. The thousands of tangles it secretly ties itself into when we aren’t looking. Yes, curly hair demands your attention.

But if you give it the proper love and care, it will give you beautiful results. Your curls can become luscious and bouncy and shiny 🙂 And I think I’ve found the way to make it happen for me.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of it before, but it’s the Curly Girl Method. The basic premise is, curly hair is much more porous and absorbing than other types. So whatever we put in it affects it greatly. You may be surprised to know that practically all shampoos contain sulfate-the grease cutter that is used to clean dishes and clothes! Obviously this is harmful to any hair, but it doesn’t hurt anyone as bad as it hurts the curlies. Our hair gets very dried out and frizzy thanks to sulfate, and it doesn’t let our curls live out their full shape. Now the obvious solution is to cut out shampoo, but it’s not that easy. The only reason they put sulfate in shampoo is because it’s the only thing that can get silicone out of your hair-and surprise! That’s in practically all hair products. If you try to get rid of sulfate but not silicone, it will build up on your hair and basically choke and suffocate it; not pretty.

Now you’re thinking; no shampoo? How will my hair get cleaned? The answer lies in your conditioner. If you apply it on your scalp like a shampoo, you simply have to give it a really good massage and it will gently cleanse the dirt and oil away! Perfect for our needy, whiny hair. 😉

So here’s the simple method: Never use shampoo, and only use conditioner/hair products that don’t contain silicone. And I am about to start this method today. The picture you see above is my hair from today; day one. I’ve read that this method does not work for everyone, although it does for most, so I’m crossing my fingers. Also, it takes about a week for your scalp to get used to this new method and then your hair will start to become amazing. If you need more convincing or evidence, scan through the pictures on this forum for amazing before and afters:

Finding products with no silicone isn’t easy. Here are some popular and cheap brands: V05, Suave Naturals, Garnier Fructis (only ONE certain type is CG safe, please consult lists) Another is Garnier Fructis Putty Gel, which I only know of because I use it. I’ve scoured the ingredients and can’t find any silicones, but I’m not sure so do your research before using anything. The way you find silicones is this: any ingredient that ends with -con, -conol, or -xane is a silicone. The only exception is if in front of it is a PEG; that means it’s water soluble and doesn’t need sulfate to get out. Here’s a list of many silicone free products:

I’m here to document my results and try and help others; but I’m by no means an expert. Here are some great links to get you started:

This one’s from a fellow wordpress-er! 🙂

There are many more, feel free to search and google around! 🙂 However they can get a bit lengthy, so here’s a quick run through of my favorite tips; and you don’t even have to do the Curly Girl Method to follow them!

~Never brush your hair. To detangle, use your fingers in the shower while you have conditioner in your hair. Don’t worry if you loose a ton of hair, it’s natural!

~Immediately stop using towels on your hair; ones made from terry cloth will destroy it! To dry your hair, take a t-shirt or a specialized towel (I like to use a tank-top) and just gently scrunch your hair in it. Never rub, it will break and frizz!

~Give your hair a cold water rinse after your shower for shine.

~I highly recommend using product after your shower; but no silicone! Product works best when applied to wet hair; the wetter, the better! A good way to go is a smoothing creme of some sort and then a gel to scrunch/shape curls.

~To maintain your curls overnight for the next day (if you don’t wash daily, which I recommend to not dry out your hair) use the pineapple technique; use a loose hair tie (scrunchies are highly recommended) and loosely gather and tie all hair to the top of your head. Try watching tutorials for this to get a visual! You can also read up on other methods like plopping.

The pineapple; via

That’s it for now! If I remember any other tips I’ll be sure to add them in later. I’ll try to get back to you in a week or two; whenever I feel that my curls have started getting amazing 😉

What do you think of the CG method? Are you going to try? If you already do it, please tell me about your experience in the comments!

***Here is my ‘After’ post!***

No Views?

11 Apr

From By waterlily716 on youtube, go watch her amazing videos! Image is link to her channel

So after blogging for a couple weeks, I got more and more views each week and day. The highest was 60 in one day; but then I stopped for only a few days and now I have about 5 views daily. I see that blogging needs constant upkeep, so tomorrow I will be delivering another post to everyone! It will be about curly hair, and the curly girl method. So stay tuned, and maybe you should subscribe so you won’t forget to read it 😉

But as for now, I have a ton of homework which I didn’t do until now. Sigh. So much homework….yet so little views! GAH

Short Update

6 Apr


Hey guys! So my Myrtle Beach trip, and my birthday, are finally here! Tomorrow I’ll be stuck on a bus for many hours but then get a nice dinner and a show to celebrate my big day 🙂

I just wanted to make this post a little personal update, and also wanted to let you know that I won’t be posting for a while. Also I won’t be able to get the full experience from my trip, and I won’t go into detail but just know that it makes me sad.

I might be able to make a short post right now, so hopefully you’ll be able to read that. And now, I actually have nothing else to say…this is really short. Okay, bye!