3 Apr


I’m ashamed to say that I’ve gotten a manicure about 4 times now. It’s not like I just decided to go (a majority of the time); someone offered to take me 3 out of 4 times and I simply agreed; I mean, it’s a free manicure! I say ashamed because they’re kind of a complete waste of money; I can tell you for a fact that unless you need your nails done for a special event, people only go there to pass time. One of my relatives is the type; bored housewife who has nothing to do and money to spend. They go and feel pampered for a while and then go back home. And as someone who’s been through the experience enough, it does feel nice. Sometimes they have massage chairs, and maybe hot water or wax treatments, and then your nails are all perfect for a week. But that doesn’t take away from it being a complete waste of money. People should really stop going there unless they have a formal event they need to look special for. Seriously, it’s outrageous how much cash people are willing to dish weekly just to have things like acrylic nails, which need a lot of maintenance. Bills can extend to 100-200 dollars easily. Maybe this is insight into a girls mind for the guys out there, or at least into mine; nail salons are giant greedy cash gobbling machines. And they don’t need to do anything; the people just waltz right in.

I’m not criticizing people who go to them occasionally; this is for people who go there on a very regular basis. There must be a better and cheaper way to spend your time, especially through a method that’s not as shallow as this.

So there you have it, a little mini-rant on how manicures and pedicures are pointless; although I am curious to see what a facial or massage is like, I won’t find out since they’re so overpriced >_<

Thanks for reading! Maybe I should make ‘questioning society’ like a mini-series here. Hmmm…for now it can be a tag/category. 🙂


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