Downloading Music/Books

4 Apr


Some people find it wrong and immoral to download music. First of all, it’s illegal. Second, the artist worked hard on the song and spent a lot of money on it, which thousands of people can now get for free. But really, hasn’t music gotten unreasonable lately? I have an iPod with about 550 songs; if someone has that many songs and spends $1.29 on EACH, imagine how much that would build up. The songs would cost more than the actual iPod! Plus some songs are so popular that the artists are already cashing in millions for them; do CD and song revenue really add a significant amount?

Granted, they probably do help a ton for smaller and less popular artists. But now that the world is digitizing everything, these things can’t be helped. Consider this: once a song is made into a digital form, it is virtually cost free to duplicate that file as many times as you want. There really is no way to prevent it from spreading; people can’t be forced to buy something from you that can be reproduced at no cost. And think about the effect this will have on the world now that so many things are being digitalized! Did you know that books are next? They are going to start selling them online (or so I believe) and then the same thing will happen. People aren’t going to pay $9.99 for a free copy. I think they should stop turning things into files; music should be the last thing they touch. Book stores will become obsolete just like music stores, and many things will become less tangible. I don’t even like e-books or kindles; reading is more fun in an actual book form!

Well, I’ve kind of changed topics in this post; sorry about that. I’m really curious about other people’s opinions on this subject. DO you consider it wrong to download music for free, or is it just so expensive that you can’t force yourself to stop?


One Response to “Downloading Music/Books”

  1. Thomas April 4, 2011 at 11:42 AM #

    Great post, I agree especially with the books part. With music it’s like the artist is already receiving payment through tours, advertisements, album sales, etc. – but authors barely make any money besides the books they sell. That’s why books shouldn’t be digitalized – they should just be rented through libraries or sold through book stores.

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