Glee Review: Michael

A quick summary on my thoughts for today’s Glee…perhaps I should do these every episode? Lemme know! -You’re a vegetable -Santana and Kurt interaction! I love when she’s nice and defends her friends ^_^ -Sebastians a jerk. But it’s okay because he got owned at the end! By the way, did that last performance remind […]

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Chuck. The tv show that I didn’t really start watching until half-way into the first season. The show that I got attached to over the next five years. And the show that ended this Friday. Chuck was (was. *sob*) an action comedy show that was filled with suspense and romance. It had an undeniable charm […]

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Tumblr (He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?)

Ah, the woes of tumblr. For some, a perfectly normal and probably versatile site. For others (teenage girls and boys), it can be a highly addicting place of riots and fangirling. This may need some explanation. A couple months ago, I made myself an account on tumblr. When I first made it, I didn’t really […]

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