Tumblr (He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?)

29 Jan

Ah, the woes of tumblr. For some, a perfectly normal and probably versatile site. For others (teenage girls and boys), it can be a highly addicting place of riots and fangirling.

This may need some explanation. A couple months ago, I made myself an account on tumblr. When I first made it, I didn’t really know much about it. I thought it was a blog site, much like wordpress. Oh, how I was wrong.

It’s a pretty simple site, really. Kind of confusing at first, not very explorable. I didn’t really know how to use it at first, and the search bars were confusing; it’s organized by most recent, not most popular. But then once I got the hang of it, I started following people (like a youtube subscription; I didn’t literally follow people -_-) and found that there are awesome things that people make or find; nostalgic sets of pictures or perhaps some behind the scenes footage of favorite movies and shows. But when I realized that there was a gargantuan Glee fan base on the site is when I got really sucked in. Oh, and by the way, I’ve heard that there may be a “fight club” rule about tumblr so I hope this isn’t upsetting anyone. (Although there are numerous youtube videos so I should be fine)

Anyways, tumblr has a way of making something normal into something to obsess over…Like many on the site say, “I used to be a normal fan. Then I found tumblr.”

Many people “fan-girl” or cry over things like fanfiction or song previews…I’m not really that emotional over characters but there’s nothing wrong with people who are. There are “riots” when some exciting spoiler is released or a favorite celebrity says or does something exciting. Thousands of pictures are posted of celebrities such as Darren Criss and even the Harry Potter gang. It can be quite overwhelming at times because of how enthusiastic fans can be.

I don’t think I’ll even be able to describe how tumblr manages to pull people in; it just has a naturally addictive quality. Perhaps it’s the lay-out, and how you can just keep scrolling down and finding an endless list of things to look at. Maybe it’s just an overwhelming experience for certain fandoms that have actual communities that you can be a part of; Glee, Starkid, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, etc. Either way, this is what has been consuming my time as of late and causing my procrastination that I have previously spoken of. I’ve even started reading fanfiction; some are surprisingly good but if I’m going to be using up such large amounts of time on reading, it really should be on books.

So I’m not really sure what I was going for when I began writing this…I suppose it serves as a little insight to a great website and as an explanation of how I’ve been wasting my time. Try giving tumblr a try; as long as you don’t let yourself get sucked in it’s a great place to entertain yourself. If you already have one, link me to it so I can check it out! Here’s mine: http://curryforyourthoughts.tumblr.com/ (wow, what a creative username!) 😉

^One of the videos about tumblr. Gpoy 😉


2 Responses to “Tumblr (He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?)”

  1. Thomas January 29, 2012 at 10:28 PM #

    Here are my thoughts on this post presented in an arbitrary manner:

    1) I love how you used the word “gargantuan”.

    2) Your little joke about “following” people reminds me of that nmeuonic you used for the Driver’s Ed test last year. The one where you stalked someone. I see a pattern here.

    3) I think it’s okay if you read fanfiction, but you should have a healthy balance of that and real books. I’m sure the fanfiction has good, or even great writing, but it probably can’t beat published books that have been edited countless times and looked over by various people. I’m glad you’re reading something though, that’s better than nothing at all.

    4) I am worried about “trying” tumblr like you suggested – if it’s as addicting as you say, then I am afraid of getting sucked in when I already have a myriad of social networking sites to maintain. Besides, tumblr seems more like a picture-sharing/re-blogging type thing, as opposed to Goodreads or WordPress where one actually writes original work.

    5) That video was pretty funny, I’m glad I got most of it!

    Overall great post, you should write more like these. Not sure what I mean by that, but, anyway, nice. (:

    • lightningflash2 January 29, 2012 at 11:18 PM #

      1. I may have done that on purpose 😉
      2. LOL I’m not a stalker, I swear!
      3. Agreed!
      4. Well since you already think it’s not really your thing, you probably won’t get addicted so it’s worth a shot. However I’m sure there’s a ton of k-pop there so maybe not…
      5. Awesome!
      and thank you ^_^

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