30 Jan

Chuck. The tv show that I didn’t really start watching until half-way into the first season. The show that I got attached to over the next five years. And the show that ended this Friday.

Chuck was (was. *sob*) an action comedy show that was filled with suspense and romance. It had an undeniable charm that pulled people in, the humor was great, and the characters were lovable. And watching the final last week, I was surprised to realize how attached I was to the show; I cried. A lot. The last episodes were emotionally heart-wrenching and bittersweet.


I was actually surprised by how tragically they ended the show. It just kept hitting me anew that by erasing Sarah’s memory, they took away every single thing the three of them had gone through during the entire run of the show; all five seasons. To her, they never happened.  The ambiguous ending left you to decide if she got her memories back that instant or if they would rebuild new memories as they rebuilt their marriage. Overall, it was very sad but excellent writing because of how “full circle” it was; especially with all the parallels to the pilot episode. In the beginning, Sarah was the one leading Chuck through his uncertain world. Now Chuck is going to do the same for her. The finale was the true epitome of the word ‘bittersweet’.

I love this show and all it’s characters; it will always be one of my favorite shows. Nerdherder for life!

I get emotional just listening to this song!

Aaaaand the moment the waterworks hit…hard.


2 Responses to “Chuck”

  1. Thomas January 30, 2012 at 7:38 PM #

    I’ve heard so many good things about this show! That ending does sound heartbreaking, oh my – I feel a little sad just reading about it. Anyway, nice post, I think writing about pop culture is becoming one of your specialties. (:

    • lightningflash2 January 30, 2012 at 7:46 PM #

      Awesome, perhaps I shall try to post more of these then 🙂

      and I had a little fan-girl moment a couple days ago when I realized that Matt Bomer was Bryce Larkon on Chuck. I sat there like “No way! OH MY GOD HE’S BRYCE LARKON??”

      even though you’ve never seen the show, doesn’t that second video break your heart? :/

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