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Glee Review: On My Way

21 Feb

This episode of Glee was predicted to be extremely controversial and many fans expected to hate it before they had seen it, suspecting that Glee would not be able to handle the issue of suicide delicately and appropriately. I believe that they did an adequate job with it. Warning! Spoilers ahead and possible trigger warning.

The show starts off with students at Karofsky’s school calling him ‘fag’ and bullying him (in real life and via internet). There was a montage of his depression leading up to him attempting suicide. I felt that the whole scene was a bit rushed and could have delved a bit more into actual emotion; Kurt suffered through such things for a year (and it should be said that Karofsky himself did them to Kurt) and Karofsky broke after one day. They could have developed more on why.

The next few scenes are where the controversy grows. Everyone at McKinley proceeds to grieve and feel remorse for Karofsky. The teachers say that they should have noticed his struggles that were evident from his bullying. Kurt feels that it’s his fault because he rejected Karofsky and ignored his phone calls.

Many advocate the next statement, and it is one hundred percent true: You can’t blame the victim of bullying for not helping their bully. That in itself sounds wrong. Kurt had no moral obligation to reach out to a boy who harassed and emotionally/physically/sexually harmed him. I believe that Glee didn’t do a good job of emphasizing this until the hospital scene, where of all places you hear Karofsky himself tell Kurt that he didn’t deserve kindness for all the terrible things he had done. That scene was commendable, and in a way makes up for anything Glee hadn’t addressed beforehand. In fact that scene was very well-done in my opinion. I love that they both understand that Kurt doesn’t need to help Dave, but he still does because he is the bigger person; he is a kind and compassionate person with a HUGE heart.

Also, the auditorium scene was VERY well done, and simply for the subject they touched on; everyone who ever wants to commit suicide has a reason. And their reason may sound stupid or completely insignificant, but you never realize how much that one thing got to them or meant to them. A mean comment from a parent might be the one thing that sets them into a depression they can’t get out of; a person in a normal state of mind might say ‘suck it up’ or ‘it was just one stupid comment’. But different things affect people in different ways. If a person really feels like committing suicide, their reason is never stupid to them; and that’s the point. It’s THEIR reason; they want to take their life because something made them feel sad.

Lastly, one line really hit me; when Emma said “Then whose job is it?” It’s basically saying, yes, Karofsky was a bully. It was no one’s job to be nice to a bully, and no one expects you to. But they are still human, and one aspect of being a kind human is always helping others. Karofsky’s actions can never be justified, but can your actions be justified when you ignore a person in need because of the past?

I think that covers all the controversy that I wanted to address; now random things as I remember them will go below! Overall, the episode was obviously not perfect but they did a decent job with such a touchy subject.

~Sebastian; no apology can make up for the things he’s done but it’s never too late to redeem yourself. I love that Glee is always going back to the message of supporting others and putting the past behind you. And he had a scene with Dave; oh my goodness!!! That was terrible (the things the character said, not the scene) but I never thought I’d ever see those two interact so that was cool.

~Blaine and Santana rapping together. That is all.

~Darren and Vanessa are two of the best background actors; hugging/imitating vampires? Made my day.

~I love that they went through with giving the Trouble-Tones their own performance. You know that that’s something they could have easily ignored. By the way, all the regional songs were excellent (although the Rachel solos are getting old).

~Klaine holding hands ^_^

~Tina saying she needs songs, tumblr being mentioned…good job Glee 😉

~Le Roy and Hiram are still awesome and hilarious; the fake seizure, Carole’s feminine wiles  ^_^

~Quinn 😦 she’ll be fine though, this is Glee

I think that’s all! Thanks for reading this long post 🙂 Please comment because I love to hear what readers think!

P.S. Happy One Year Anniversary to Klaine! 🙂


8 Feb

Hey guys! I want to just make an incredibly short post saying this: Thanks for 6,000 views! I just hit 6 grand and it feels pretty awesome; if this blog were a youtube video that would be a decent amount of views, don’t ya think? Also I just wanted to let all readers know that the one thing I love the most about writing posts is seeing comments on them; it makes everything feel more real when I share things with the world and the world talks back! So even if you’re just passing through here, never be shy to leave a short response. 🙂

The Hunger Games

1 Feb

I read the Hunger Games (the first book at least) about two years ago. It’s hard to not fall in love; the tragic story-lines, pulling suspense, and bittersweet romance are all blended perfectly in this dramatic book. And now there’s a movie coming out in a couple of months! Many fans are concerned with whether the movie will live up to the fans expectations; Hollywood seems to have a tendency to ruin things. But does it really? The magical thing about books is that the words the author gives you are the tools for your imagination. There’s no way a movie can live up to your expectations because every reader has created, and essentially read, a different story. The best a movie can do is to simply try to create a general “blanket” of a movie that covers as many peoples visions as possible.

Despite what you’ve imagined for the appearance or the mannerisms of each character, the cast has been chosen and can’t please everyone. It’s best to take what they give us and accept that whatever you see on the screen will not change the book in any way. Treat the movie as an enhancement to the book; the best it can do is deliver the same emotions experienced by the readers in a visually and audibly tangible way. Speaking of audio, who else has already experienced numerous emotions  just by listening to Taylor Swift’s new song “Safe and Sound”? It’s so haunting and soft and tragic! This song can give me chills and tears. I may have already listened to it 15 times…

I know that the movie won’t be perfect because that would be impossible. And yet I am filled with excitement and anxiousness as I await the release of the movie. I simply cannot wait! Even the trailer gave me goosebumps, which gives me hope for the movie. Just thinking about all the ways they can pair anguishing scenes with powerful music moves me. For lack of a better term, I hope the movie is ‘epic’.