Glee Review: On My Way

This episode of Glee was predicted to be extremely controversial and many fans expected to hate it before they had seen it, suspecting that Glee would not be able to handle the issue of suicide delicately and appropriately. I believe that they did an adequate job with it. Warning! Spoilers ahead and possible trigger warning. […]

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Hey guys! I want to just make an incredibly short post saying this: Thanks for 6,000 views! I just hit 6 grand and it feels pretty awesome; if this blog were a youtube video that would be a decent amount of views, don’t ya think? Also I just wanted to let all readers know that […]

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The Hunger Games

I read the Hunger Games (the first book at least) about two years ago. It’s hard to not fall in love; the tragic story-lines, pulling suspense, and bittersweet romance are all blended perfectly in this dramatic book. And now there’s a movie coming out in a couple of months! Many fans are concerned with whether […]

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