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18 Mar

A couple months ago, I had some clothes lying around in my bathroom. They were put to the side because they had blood stains on them. My mom saw them and told me not to leave them around like that because my brother might see.

That, is ridiculous. One week from every month in my life SUCKS, and I have to take my brother into consideration while dealing with it? In fact, this is what almost all girls are taught. That cycles are to be ashamed of, something to be hidden away, and talked about in secret. It’s taboo to bring it up in public, and is considered awkward to discuss. And God forbid a guy overhears.

Periods make guys uncomfortable. But that’s the thing. You don’t deserve to feel uncomfortable. You’re not the one who has to deal with them on a regular basis. Men don’t deserve to have women hide them away. For once, I’d like to be able to ask a friend for a pad and not talk in ‘code’. Not have to pass them around secretly under a table and slip them into sleeves. But I have to, and I’m probably going to for a while.

And I know that not everyone is like this. A lot of women and men are more open about it, but the majority of society is still secretive about it. And considering that the world’s population consists of slightly more females than males, you’d think things would be different. But perhaps the patriarchal society from our past is still bleeding into our present. (heh, gettit?) If you need more proof, consider the war on women, where politicians are STILL trying to restrict women’s rights. (By the way, if you want my opinion on the matter: I refuse to even argue with people who support taking away government funding on birth control as long as Viagra is still funded; that should be reason enough.)

Anyways, the message I’d like to deliver is simple: Women have periods. Get over it.

This post shouldn’t make me embarrassed,  but it does. Because that is how I’ve been trained to feel.


By the way, this post was inspired by the slightly more vulgar and aggressive post by Cara. I highly suggest you read it:

Oh, and the title? It happens to me, and pretty much all girls, on a fairly regular basis. Maybe with a little insight, men can be a bit more sympathetic towards us and our monthly plights.

One Year Anniversary!

18 Mar

So a couple days ago it was Klaine’s (Kurt and Blaine’s, from Glee) anniversary. Which made me realize that I’ve also had my blog for over a year! Woohoo! So thanks to everyone who’s been reading my posts, whether you’re following me or just stumbling across something that interests you. I’ve had a great time writing things for this blog, and I hope that I’ll be able to keep posting things regularly (:

Speaking of posts, I have one coming today! It’s going to be very awkward and uncomfortable, but that’s the point. See you then!

Darn you Glee, you’ve spoiled me and my stats >_>

By the way, almost 10k views guys! Thanks a bunch!