Glee Review – Dynamic Duets (And Blaine/Kurt Commentary)

23 Nov

Let me just start by saying that there’s always some good and bad aspects of every Glee episode-but by gosh, this one had twice as many hits than misses compared to the rest. It was funny and ridiculous and adorable and stupid and over-the-top, and…perfectly imperfect.

The episode opened up with one of the lightest and most comedic aspects of Glee we haven’t seen in a LONG time, and goodness was it refreshing. The superhero club has apparently gained much popularity at McKinley and the leader, Blaine, (sorry, sorry-Nightbird) helped everyone really get into character. The entire opening was filled with funny one-liners (despite a quick stab in the heart for klainers everywhere), culminating with a dramatic video from the Warblers.

Next we see Finn trying to spearhead the Glee club, and miserably failing, while sass-master Blaine decides that he’s going to head off to get the stolen Nationals trophy back from the Warblers. For the few out there, fan-girl squeals could not be contained at the reappearance of Sebastian (Grant is back!). The Warblers reveal that they want Blaine back on their choir, and we learn that with Blaine, no means no, unless everyone around him starts singing back-up vocals for his inevitable solo. The entire Warbler scene was over-the-top hilarious and I just…I love Glee.

Alas, new-kid drama could not be avoided but like every episode has been proving so far, despite those Glee fans out there refusing to fall in love with all of the newbies, Ryan Murphy and his gang of writers prove that no one can resist their charming new characters. We learn that Ryder is dyslexic (so now he is apparently a complete mix of Finn and Sam) and Jake gets bullied for his mixed-race (by none other than Cookie from Ned’s Declassified…). Ryder and Jake, and Kitty and Marley, seem to be on much better terms by the end of the episode, and all of them seem to genuinely like each other except for Kitty. That chick is hiding something, and there better be a good reason for why she’s being such a manipulative jerk to Marley (the writers have been known for making girl characters mean to each other for stupid, petty reasons). Also both of the new-kid duets were spectacular! Darn you, RIB!

Finally, we reach the Blaine/Klaine drama. Sigh. Here’s where I shall announce that this aspect of the show made me a little upset. You should probably know that I’m a Kurt-staner. Living on internet filled with Blaine-staners. So I tend to get frustrated by most of the other opinions I see online. You see, this episode shows Blaine’s side of the story. He cheated on Kurt (yes, to you hopefuls out there, he DID sleep with Eli, not just make-out or something) and he’s been beating himself up this entire time, and wants to transfer to Dalton because he feels more welcome there. After hearing his story, Sam comforts Blaine by basically saying something along the lines of ‘You messed up, but you’re not a bad person. You’re one of the good guys.’ While I don’t think that Blaine is a terrible person either, and that one mistake defines a person, I still can’t forgive him that easily yet. I just don’t feel comfortable doing that. The show is mostly from Blaine’s aspect right now, not Kurt’s, because of the school being the central point of the show. Because of that, we’re only seeing how sad and guilty Blaine has been feeling, and he looks kind of like a sad puppy dog-adorable and heartbreaking. But just because Blaine feels bad about cheating doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. It doesn’t mean that he didn’t throw away his relationship and shatter the trust they had because of his own insecurities and loneliness. And when I see people going “poor baby Blaine” all the time, now even on the show itself, it irks me a little bit because he. still. cheated. I’m not saying I’ll never forgive him, but I’m going to need a little bit more redemption other than “look how sad and heartbroken and guilty baby Blaine feels”. And that redemption obviously has to involve Kurt; I don’t know about you guys, but I wouldn’t mind some groveling for forgiveness on Blaine’s part!

Just on the break-up story line in general; it kind of made me sad. Not because of klaine, but because of the blatant favoritism that made itself apparent after it happened. Because guess what-if Kurt has cheated on Blaine, people would have lost their minds. They would have spent weeks blaming Kurt for making Blaine sad. They would have pitied Blaine. But even when Blaine is the one who cheated-they still pity Blaine.

I love Kurt and Blaine, don’t get me wrong-but I think cheating is a very serious offense when it comes to relationships. It’s going to take time to build from that, and  to earn forgiveness for Blaine-I just hope that others will consider this too (even you, Sam!).

But to break up the angst, there were a few key moments that screamed pure Glee, by it’s actual definition-joy. The painting scene-it made me want to curl up into a ball and scream (the happy kind of screaming, that is). The moment when Blaine and Sam stole the trophy back; unfortunately my mom was the room when it happened, but if I had been alone I would have cried from how perfect it was and how happy it made me. And the ending performance. I don’t know if they freaking purposely did the outfit parallelism between Some Nights and the pilot rendition of Don’t Stop Believing (red shirts and all), but it was ridiculously nostalgic and heart-warming and oh gosh, when Glee does group numbers, IT FREAKING BLOWS YOUR EMOTIONS OUT OF THE WATER.

Few more little things:

Finn was adorable. I remembered why I like him, even though he can be ridiculously offensive and hurtful at times.

Puck is back! And doling out such-ahem-most insightful advice to his half-brother Jake.

Tina is the voice of the entire fandom-by the way, I’m still frustrated that the new kids have been getting so many solos compared to her.

All of the music this episode was spectacular!

Eli had only like two lines, but one was frustratingly hilarious because everyone had been commenting on the lighthouse profile picture beforehand.

Kitty and Marley are hot-I smell a new “faberry”-esque ship beginning.

And it is now canon that Blaine smells like raspberries. That is all.

What did you guys think of the episode?? I’d love to hear your thoughts- let me know! Also sorry I haven’t written a post in a while. I suck, I know.


4 Responses to “Glee Review – Dynamic Duets (And Blaine/Kurt Commentary)”

  1. Marie November 23, 2012 at 3:16 AM #

    I loved this episode too! It’s the happiest I’ve been about Glee in a long time, actually. My comment is mainly going to be about the Klaine bit though.

    So, I am a Blaine stan (and literally only started watching this ridiculous show for Darren Criss), so I admit bias when saying that I am more sympathetic to Blaine than Kurt. A big part of this is the writers’ fault for not letting us see more of Kurt. However, another thing I realize is that even though Blaine cheated, he can admit that he screwed up, big-time. And he definitely did screw up. Kurt, on the other hand, has yet to admit his mistakes in their relationship. I know Kurt is kind of a proud character who has trouble admitting his flaws, but I would be significantly happier with him if he could at least talk to Blaine (and let him talk; it didn’t have to change Kurt’s mind, but just letting him speak about it would’ve been beneficial, I think) and just say that he knew he contributed to the problems in their relationship, I would be more sympathetic. I honestly don’t think they should get back together, but I think both of them need to do some serious self-reflection and figure out what went wrong so they can move on to other relationships and not screw those up.

    • curryforyourthoughts November 23, 2012 at 8:06 AM #

      I agree that the writers haven’t been focusing on Kurt’s side and how hurt he must be; that’s very frustrating! And while I can, and do, admire Blaine recognizing that he did something terrible, his guilt does not=forgiveness, for me personally. Also I think that after something like this happens, communication should move at the pace the one cheated on wants it to go; so I believe that while they should DEFINITELY have a conversation about what happened and admit flaws on both parts, it should be when Kurt is ready, because he deserves that much. And while Kurt did make some mistakes, I wouldn’t go as far as to blame him for causing Blaine to cheat, like others are doing.
      And yes, I agree that they need a lot of rebuilding of themselves individually.
      Thank you for your comment, and thank you so much for reading! (:

  2. Thomas November 23, 2012 at 10:25 PM #

    Woo for you doing another blog post! Woo for me reading all of it even though I didn’t understand half of it!

    And, ugh, I can’t contribute too much because obviously I don’t empathize as deeply as you do because I don’t know these characters like you do, but UGH. Teenage angst at its finest. Blaine cheated on Kurt. They need to, you know, talk it out and have some self-reflection and it’s done. Clearly Ryan Murphy wants to pull this out to get some pathos out of his fans but come on – these guys have gone through so much together, just because Blaine sleeps with someone doesn’t mean they can’t have a mature conversation about it. But then again Blaine is supposedly insecure (from what I’ve heard) and there could be much more going on than I know of… but that’s my two cents. Not the best plot line to incorporate into a “comedy”, unless there’s some serious epiphanies/emotional cleansing going to go on.

    /rant over

    • curryforyourthoughts November 24, 2012 at 10:16 PM #

      Thanks for reading all of it even though you didn’t understand half!
      Yes, Blaine is extremely insecure. And yes, Kurt deserves answers and a conversation whenever he’s ready. And lol yes, Ryan Murphy can be a emotion-driven troll sometimes

      And LOL I would say glee hasn’t been a comedy for a while now, but this last episode was actually impressively light and, well, gleeful.

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