By it’s very definition, glee is about opening yourself up to joy

10 Dec

In the interest of writing about Glee for academic purposes, I decided to write a short blog post to gather my thoughts about that insufferable show, its addicting qualities, and why, at the end of the day, I’m still hopelessly in love with it.

Well…where do I begin? Perhaps with what drew me in at the very beginning-the love. The show starts out with a group of kids who are all completely different, from different interests and social “cliques”; they don’t even share a common love for music at first. But by the end of  even the first season, they realize that all of them have similar problems and feelings, and that they’re each important. They acknowledge that they’re not so different after all, and become friends despite what their school and society is telling them about right and wrong. And mostly, they rise up against shunning from everyone, and decided that hey, maybe this stupid glee club is worth so much more than superficial high school life could ever be. It’s a bit like The Breakfast Club, with a lot more music and melodrama.

But what really gets me is the raw emotion of the show. When Kurt’s dad is in the hospital and he sings a solo at Glee club about it, I cried along with his friends. When Quinn gets pregnant and she cries as her father kicks her out the house, I feel as much anger and indignation as her boyfriend. When the glee club belts out the last note of Don’t Stop Believing at Regional’s to represent where they started and where there are now, my heart soars alongside theirs.

Glee may be a comedy, if you want to look at technicalities. And the humor is a glorious part of the show as well-it keeps things light and refreshing, and is the perfect compliment to all the pathos going on. But at the end of the day, every time I turn back to Glee, it’s because it lays everything bare and simple. Humans, being humans, making human mistakes, and feeling human emotions. A group of kids, coming together against all odds and creating a family for themselves, shaped out of nothing but pure love.

Glee may include a lot of things-unnecessary drama, bad characterization, and cheap plot thrills, to name a few. But every time I watch a group number where all the theatricality is laid aside, and they’re simply doing what they love-singing together and feeling pure joy-I feel the exact same thing.

Pure joy.


2 Responses to “By it’s very definition, glee is about opening yourself up to joy”

  1. Thomas December 10, 2012 at 5:36 PM #

    Sigh, this actually makes me feel more of an obligation to watch the show. Good job and thanks a lot. -_-

    (no, but really – I think you can definitely incorporate what you’ve written here into a strong essay! go for it!)

    • curryforyourthoughts December 10, 2012 at 5:41 PM #

      yay okay I will, I need to go listen to more emotionally compromising songs now gah

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