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Inspiration from the Smallest, Yet Biggest

23 Feb

Frequent readers of this blog may already know that my dad doesn’t have the best of health; to keep the story short, we’re currently on a donor’s list and news should be coming any week now. But just because my father is sick doesn’t mean he’s a good man. In fact, he has a lot of flaws. And it’s been a constant struggle throughout my life to realize that just because he has a disease doesn’t excuse those flaws, or excuse his bad actions. But he is still human, and there’s always a silver lining to be found in everything. He is still a fighter, and I’ve never really realized how strong he’s been. And so, here’s a how-to list of sorts that are some things I have observed from him through the years; a complete blend of his good and bad sides.

How to appear lazy, but really be exhausted

How to waste time with asinine television, because you long for a distraction

How to seem selfish to your kids, but secretly always putting them first

How to fight over trivial things with your wife, but never over the important things

How to yell every day, but never break down

How to make stupid jokes, but never cry

How to baby your children, because you don’t want them to have to grow up

How to try to keep them close, because you never want to lose them

How to be silly and obnoxious, to avoid being serious

How to be a ridiculous child at heart, because being an adult is so hard

How to be frugal, to avoid admitting how hard you’ve worked

How to be irritating, but never a burden

How to complain about all the small things, but never the big things

How to be controlling, because of how much you care

How to appear so weak, but so strong


How to seem so small, but really be so big