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Brand Names

19 Apr

Via coach.com

That bag pictured above? Yeah, it’s $1,400. It is also made of some poor animal, who was killed just so some rich lady can stuff more expensive things and gadgets into its cleaned up carcass.

What brings people to buy things that they don’t need? I mean, obviously sometimes the high quality of a good is nice, and luxuries never feel bad. But you reach a point where something purchasable goes beyond ‘pampering yourself’ and into ‘you simply do not need this’. It goes back to my post about manicures; people with a lot of money use it in frivolous ways. And like how I mentioned one of my relatives falls victim to that trap, she does to this one too. She buys tons of pointless, expensive things simply because they are brand name items. For my birthday, she gave me a Tiffany’s bracelet. Let me say, of course I appreciate the gift and I do like it. But honestly, I don’t wear much jewelry, and the bracelet is just a boring silver chain with a heart on it (which advertises itself, might I add). Nothing worth $250; it wouldn’t be anywhere near that price if it just hadn’t been made by Tiffany’s.

The same goes for anything. How about clothes? Some plain white shirt, six dollars at Walmart. Make it out of thinner and worse material, put a bird symbol on the top corner, and bam. That Hollister shirt is now 26 bucks. And people don’t care; they lap it up. They’d willingly pay more for the same thing so long as it’s made by a famous company. It’s pretty sad.

It’s equally sad how high name companies use this to their advantage as they squeeze money from willing patrons. They’ll overprice all their items because they know people will pay that much for it.

I can’t really think of a good way to wrap this up; just don’t fall too much into a necessity for brand name items. Sure, they’ll make you feel good; but your wallet isn’t gonna like it.

On a side note, Glee is on today! I’ve been anticipating this for so long; they’ve made me wait more than a month since their last episode! This one better be good >_<

That also makes me consider how long I’ve had this blog; longer than a month, it seems. Wow, that’s crazy. But awesome at the same time since I’m about to hit half a thousand views 🙂 Thanks to all my faithful viewers, I hope to never disappoint you!


12 Mar

For some unknown reason, I’ve had a recent obsession with Snickers bars. I never used to be particularly fond of them; I actually didn’t like them at times. But when I was doing homework the other day I saw a full-size bar in my pantry and decided to be a rebel; I opened it even though I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like it. Now we had the mini sized bars too so there was no reason to potentially waste a large one, and yet I did. Now my fellow Asians know that wasting food, or doing anything stupid in general, leads to all hell breaking loose. So I’m not really sure why I chose to open it, and yet I did.

Sorry, I’m getting off topic. In fact, this post is completely meaningless so I doubt it matters. But anyways, as soon as I ate that bar I was hooked. It didn’t take long for me to devour the entire bag of them in my pantry; I think I was eating at least one daily. However, they’re now almost gone and we probably won’t be getting more. It comes as a relief that this onset of Snickers will soon be gone and over with.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and maybe you just realized that I have wasted a few minutes from your day in which you literally read about a candy bar. (: