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Curly Girl: After

30 May

So I’ve been doing the Curly Girl Method for…a month? And I am loving the results 🙂

Here’s a quick summary of the Curly Girl method for those who don’t know: Sulfates, which are in most shampoos, strip hair and leave curly hair damaged. But they are necessary to get out silicones found in many conditioners and products. So the Curly Girl Method is simple; no sulfate, no silicone. Only condition your hair (with no silicone!) and it will be happy 🙂 For more details see my Before post: https://curryforyourthoughts.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/the-curly-girl-method/

Anyways, here’s the before picture:


And here’s a plethora of after pictures ^_^ (face blurred cause this be the internet, yo):




So do you think I got good results? Let me know!

Also, here are a few tips learned from experience:

~The pineapple doesn’t really work for me; my hair gets too volumized and poufy. I pretty much just sleep in braids or pony-tails.

~My hair is almost always half-up, half-down. The top-front section of hair gets messed up first, so for me it always looks best to pull that back with a clip or hair tie.

~Leave some conditioner in your hair, and keep your hair products like gel in your shower. I basically put in conditioner, cup some water in my hands and then splash it on my hair. I detangle it completely then I let it sit until I’m about to get out of the shower. Then, I turn my head upside down and turn the water cold, and let it run through for about one second. I turn the water off, scrunch a little with my fingers (it’ll be squishy since the hair is dripping) and then immediantly run gel though it and scrunch. I grab a shirt (or you can use a non-terry towel) and dry by scrunching with the cloth.

~I don’t really use the plopping method.

~Add honey to your conditioner; however you might wanna test this one somehow because it might not work for you, although I don’t know why. Perhaps it could leave your hair feeling sticky ?

Well, that’s it for now! I’d love to hear from other curlies ^_^