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Glee Review: Michael

31 Jan

A quick summary on my thoughts for today’s Glee…perhaps I should do these every episode? Lemme know!

-You’re a vegetable

-Santana and Kurt interaction! I love when she’s nice and defends her friends ^_^

-Sebastians a jerk. But it’s okay because he got owned at the end! By the way, did that last performance remind anyone of Give Up the Funk? (which is one of my all-time favorite performances of Glee)

-I love when they don’t play dirty and do the right thing 🙂

-Rachel shouldn’t say yes, they should be able to be in a relationship without making such serious promises to each other. But I’m guessing that scene with Quinn and Rachel made a lot of Faberry shippers happy 😉

-Sorry, but it kind of made me mad that Quinn got into Yale. They have their characters pay barely any attention to school and then decide to go to an Ivy League, and easily get in? However I am glad that she’s finally stable and on her feet. She’s really grown!

-I never realized how much I liked Chord’s voice until now…maybe it’s gotten better while he was gone? Now it’s just full of so much soul!

-Blaine stepping in front of Kurt-eeeiii! He’s such a good boyfriend.

-I refuse to believe that Artie performed Scream. That was Kevin McHale the entire time. Also, I laugh when they used to convince us that Mike couldn’t sing.

-Smooth Criminal! I was more excited for 2CELLOS, who I have been obsessed with since my orchestra teacher showed them to us. It was simply amazing.

-Naya’s voice is amazing. That is all.

-She doesn’t know how to lock doors ^_^

-Kurt and his dad; always the best scenes. That was freaking adorable, I love both of them.

-Eyepatch. He’s a pirate, guys!

-Yay, they got into NYADA!

-That face morph thing near the end; Kurt morphed into Rory. Family resemblance right there! 😉

-Trent, aka the Sassy Warbler, is an awesome person. However it worried me that he’s the only one who was honorable throughout all of this. Why are the writers making the Warblers bad guys?

-I am LOVING on how they’re calling Will out on not being a good Spanish teacher. It’s kind of hilarious.

Sorry none of this is in chronological order; I typed them as I thought about the episode


16 Mar


First off, let me say that I know not everyone loves Glee. There are many varying opinions. I just wanted to say that I accept that the show is corny, unrealistic, and stereotypical; but please don’t bash on it and just let others enjoy what they want to. Now to the point: I think Tuesday’s episode (Original Songs) was the best I’ve ever seen. First off, we finally see Kurt and Blaine together! I couldn’t stop smiling 🙂

Also, there were a ton of hilarious parts throughout. We have a revival of Brittany’s famous one-liner jokes. Also the attempts at song writing were amazing and really funny! But this Glee episode didn’t disappoint in any aspect; there was tons of emotion occurring mostly with Rachel. I’m starting to not like Quinn even more and she seemed a little derailed when she went off in her little fantasy rant about her and Finn.

Anyways, I think later I’m going to have a post about all my favorite TV shows, but for right now I’ll finish this fan-girl rant about Glee. But seriously, this show makes me so happy at times; I mean, how can Kurt and Blaine not make you smile?