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Summer Has Begun!

17 Jun

School’s finally out and now it’s summertime! Honestly, every year I end up spending more time on the computer or watching t.v. than doing something worthwhile. And come on, every year we all tell ourselves that ‘this year is going to be different! This year I will have the best summer ever!’ only to end up doing the same thing as before. Well, this is me saying that I will not let this summer die away as the computer screen burns itself into my retinas; or I am at least crossing my fingers before making a realistic goal, like how I will try to see friends more and get out of the house more often.

Here is a list of things I want to do this summer, although truthfully it’s more for me than for you to read. This is my way of motivating myself and keeping track of what I want to do, but if it ends up helping you too, than that’s great! ^_^




~See friends more

~Call other people more often instead of waiting for something to magically happen

~Plan a vacation for my family; don’t let them cancel it

~Go to the pool, even if its by myself

~Eat better and exercise more. Maybe find a dance class

~Search employment options; tutoring, babysitting, pet watching

~Ride bike (random story time: someone stole my bike last year because I left it in my driveway T_T. Now I have to ride my brothers. Sigh.)

~Practice driving

~Become more social, responsible, focused, and outgoing (is that too unrealistic to set as a goal? I’ll try, anyways)

~Do summer homework, don’t wait till last minute. Sigh.

~If I think of anything, I’ll add it here

(By the way this isn’t in order based on importance, because honestly blogging wouldn’t be that high up if it was ^_^; no offense!)

Okay, bye guys! Hopefully; no, definitely, I’ll see more of you each week. I will stop myself from procrastinating or not doing something because at this point, I should be sick and tired of watching my life pass me by. I can become a better person, and this summer is the opportunity I’m going to take to become one!

Wow, I sound like a motivational speaker. Really, I’m just gonna do my best to have fun; isn’t that what it’s all about?

**By the way, because of summer my facebook has been bombarded with everyone feeling the need to say it’s summer. You know no idea how close I was to typing “Really? It’s summer? I didn’t know, thank you everyone for making your statuses all say the same thing.”

A List of My Favorite Websites

29 Mar

So I thought I would share some of my favorite sites in case you were ever bored and needed something to do. I highly recommend checking them all out if you get a chance. 🙂

Daily Sites

amirite.net -This is a great site with a wonderful community. The people here tell it like it is and take no BS. It’s basically where you post your opinions (a lot of people type jokes too) and you’ll find an amazing blend of many different topics and points of discussion here. I’d definitely recommend you make an account and go here regularly.

deviantart.com -A great art site where you can showcase and show off your writing or art creating ability; you can post up basically anything you’d like as long as it fits into one of their categories. Also great for checking out awesome work, many of which include hilarious comics.

facebook.com -The only reason I put this here is because it’s one of the sites I frequent. I don’t think it needs any explaining, because if you haven’t heard of it yet I don’t understand how you can currently be on the internet.

cracked.com -A hilarious and interesting place where you can check out articles that are guaranteed to catch your interest.

youtube.com -Again, you live under a rock if you haven’t heard of this site. Some of my favorite youtuber’s are communitychannel, The Midnight Beast, nigahiga, Wongfu Productions, and kinagrannis. If I remember more later (there are plenty) I’ll update this list.

fmylife.com -Entertaining if you find humor in other peoples misery. >:)

Sites I Occasionally Visit:

gamefaqs.com -Great for game discussions, guides, and reviews.

failblog.org/failbook.failblog.org -Funny sites to read when you have free time.

notalwaysright.com -Great entertaining stories about stupid people, but will sometimes have you shaking your head about the fate of humanity and it’s stupidity. ^_^;

goodreads.com -This site is great for reading enthusiasts. They have pretty much every book ever written so you can keep track of everything you’ve read and find other great books to read. All books are rated and other users post numerous reviews.

sixbillionsecrets.com -This whole chain of sites (the rest are on the top bar of this site) are great for opening your eyes. I can only take SBS in small doses because it can get depressing. Plus some posts are fake/overdramatic; not to be insensitive. Also, some comments can be harsh; even when people need support, they harp on some insignificant detail. I especially like smartph-owned because it has great comedy; but there are some fakes here too.

thepioneerwoman.com/bakerella.com -Cooking sites for great recipes. PW has awesome step-by-step picture guides.

You guys better appreciate me putting links for every site, it took a while >_>

Do you guys think I use the computer WAY too much? Don’t worry, I think so too.