One Year Anniversary!

So a couple days ago it was Klaine’s (Kurt and Blaine’s, from Glee) anniversary. Which made me realize that I’ve also had my blog for over a year! Woohoo! So thanks to everyone who’s been reading my posts, whether you’re following me or just stumbling across something that interests you. I’ve had a great time […]

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Glee Review: On My Way

This episode of Glee was predicted to be extremely controversial and many fans expected to hate it before they had seen it, suspecting that Glee would not be able to handle the issue of suicide delicately and appropriately. I believe that they did an adequate job with it. Warning! Spoilers ahead and possible trigger warning. […]

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Glee Review: Michael

A quick summary on my thoughts for today’s Glee…perhaps I should do these every episode? Lemme know! -You’re a vegetable -Santana and Kurt interaction! I love when she’s nice and defends her friends ^_^ -Sebastians a jerk. But it’s okay because he got owned at the end! By the way, did that last performance remind […]

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