The Debilitation of Loneliness

I’ve been in a very strange place as of late. I’m currently more than half way done with the fall semester of my sophomore year at college and I’d been thinking that things have been decent overall, all matters of privilege and opportunities considered. I’m on route to discovering what I want to do with […]

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When Your Mask Becomes Too Thick

So today I did something that I’ve absolutely never done before. In all started innocuously enough; I casually mentioned to my friend that the only person who might be able to pick me up after school was my brother, since my parents were leaving today. I had already told her beforehand that my parents were going to […]

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Tumblr (He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?)

Ah, the woes of tumblr. For some, a perfectly normal and probably versatile site. For others (teenage girls and boys), it can be a highly addicting place of riots and fangirling. This may need some explanation. A couple months ago, I made myself an account on tumblr. When I first made it, I didn’t really […]

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Starting With Me

So, I’ve had a bit of a wake-up call recently. I haven’t been giving everything my all. Life is zooming by and I have accomplished nothing significant that I’m really and truly proud of.  I need to inspire myself and live a little, instead of letting every opportunity slip through my hands. I need to […]

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 This has to be the most insignificant thing I’ve ever discussed. Yesterday I took a nap. Normally I don’t take naps; I don’t really like them. You wake up and it’s suddenly dark outside, you’re completely disoriented, and very groggy. At least, that’s how I am whenever I take them. And yet for some reason […]

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A List of My Favorite Websites

So I thought I would share some of my favorite sites in case you were ever bored and needed something to do. I highly recommend checking them all out if you get a chance. 🙂 Daily Sites -This is a great site with a wonderful community. The people here tell it like it is […]

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My Mom and I

Yesterday my mom started yelling at me. It was quite random, actually. She suddenly decided I needed to vacuum my room and out of nowhere, started yelling about how I do nothing all the time. She said I needed to clean my room and ranted about how she was doing all the work by moving […]

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Insight to Indian Life

This text is brown, just like me. I’m a teenage girl who was born in the United States from two Indian immigrants. Some immigrants have stories of great accomplishment or terror; my parents have neither and that is something to be thankful for. I have many things to say on the topic of Indians, so […]

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