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Yo practico espanol; CUIDADOSO. ES MUY MALO

13 Jun

This is my miserable attempt to practice Spanish one day before half of my Spanish final exam. Below is my failed try to include 27 vocab words my teacher said we should know, randomly jumbled together to try to make a story (Edit: I’m going to be making sentences). I haven’t typed anything yet besides this, so I have no idea how it will turn out. I’m sure that if you don’t speak Spanish, copying and pasting this into a translator will give you some hilarious results. Also there’s no way to include accents; oh well. Enjoy!

Yo espero que un dia, la Tierra no tiene guerra. Solamente paz.

Si yo veo la luna, entonces yo estoy agotado.

Si tu no tienes una brujula, debes de estar perdido.

Es muy malo si tu das un paseo y truenos sucede.

Si tu vas para una cita con tu novio, los sentimientos bien poder aparecer.

Tu debes participar un una carrera; al principio podria dudar, pero una vez alli tu feliz. Cuando tu alcanzas el final, tu poder relajas.

Los maestros exigen que los estudiantes hacerle caso. Los maestros se quejan cuando los estudiantes estan entrometido. Los estudientos no entregan la tarea.

El bano es en el nivel tres, en el fondo.

Cuando mi padre tiene el gripe, yo me preocupo.

Para finalmente, mi favorito:

Cuando yo estornudo, mis huesos bailar.


21 Apr

“Today is a perfect day for a perfect day”

Lovely song, and I love how the video creator added the feel-good effect to it. Hopefully it’ll act as inspiration for me to start my homework that I’ve been putting off since the start of my spring break last Saturday. Fun days: 2. Completely wasted days: 3

Must. do. homework! Word History AP Test is exactly 3 weeks away! I’m doomed.

Funny how there are only like 6 sentences in this post, yet the tone has such a drastic change by the end. This is how my mind works.