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Taylor Swift is a Slut! Er, Wait…What?

14 Jan

Three beautiful ladies!

Taylor Swift is known for having many boyfriends. Of that fact, I’m sure all of us are aware. But recently she’s also been getting more media and public flack for her frequent dating-and a bad reputation to top it off. Many have been resorting to calling her negative words like slut or whore, because of her supposed sexual promiscuity. There’s a post floating around online comparing how many call Miley Cyrus a slut, who has been in a committed relationship for years with her now-fiance, while Taylor is lauded as classy and a role model, despite dating +20 guys over the years. This suggests that the roles should be reversed, that Taylor should be called such derogatory words…but should she?

‘No wait, the reason people call Miley that is because she dresses provocatively and has no shame in her music videos. Taylor presents herself as a classy and dignified young woman, so young girls can look up to her; who cares about her personal life?’

In my opinion, why can’t we take the best of both worlds? How about we stop calling both women names like that. In fact, how about we stop calling everyone names like that? I know it’s deep-set in our society, and it’s even very deep-set in myself, but having sex isn’t necessarily inherently wrong. If that disagrees with your religion, it’s fine for you to impose whatever values you’d like to onto yourself. But who are we as a society to tell people what they can and can’t do with their bodies?

Being brought up by strict parents, the idea still seems a bit foreign to me. There’s constantly an internal struggle between “that girl/guy is pathetic, just flirting with everyone and trying to get action” and “it’s none of my business, they can live their life however they’d like”. Obviously with different societies all around the world, different values will clash and this struggle will be prominent in everyone for a long time. But every time I catch myself about to judge someone based simply on how much they enjoy sex (which when you think about it, is really a ridiculous thing to ostracize someone for), I go by the principle of not caring unless it’s hurting themselves or anyone else. When they’re not being safe, yes, the line blurs a little. When they are a public figure who may inspire young girls/boys to engage in similar behavior without proper education or self-awareness, yes, the line blurs a lot.

I’m not saying that the video of Miley Cyrus dancing in skimpy clothes in a club is okay, because truthfully, a lot of young people watch her videos and those kind of situations can be dangerous if they end up seeking them because of her. So yeah, it wasn’t the smartest decision on her part, knowing her influence. And yeah, Taylor Swift could sit down and write a song about healthy relationships, instead of being photographed entering hotel rooms and writing occasional snarky break-up songs. But we need to start focusing on that, instead of jumping to calling them names simply because of their behavior. As a society, we need to start analyzing effects promiscuous influence could lead to and why/if it’s wrong, rather than simply attacking the concept itself.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter, and thanks for reading!

The Hunger Games

1 Feb

I read the Hunger Games (the first book at least) about two years ago. It’s hard to not fall in love; the tragic story-lines, pulling suspense, and bittersweet romance are all blended perfectly in this dramatic book. And now there’s a movie coming out in a couple of months! Many fans are concerned with whether the movie will live up to the fans expectations; Hollywood seems to have a tendency to ruin things. But does it really? The magical thing about books is that the words the author gives you are the tools for your imagination. There’s no way a movie can live up to your expectations because every reader has created, and essentially read, a different story. The best a movie can do is to simply try to create a general “blanket” of a movie that covers as many peoples visions as possible.

Despite what you’ve imagined for the appearance or the mannerisms of each character, the cast has been chosen and can’t please everyone. It’s best to take what they give us and accept that whatever you see on the screen will not change the book in any way. Treat the movie as an enhancement to the book; the best it can do is deliver the same emotions experienced by the readers in a visually and audibly tangible way. Speaking of audio, who else has already experienced numerous emotions  just by listening to Taylor Swift’s new song “Safe and Sound”? It’s so haunting and soft and tragic! This song can give me chills and tears. I may have already listened to it 15 times…

I know that the movie won’t be perfect because that would be impossible. And yet I am filled with excitement and anxiousness as I await the release of the movie. I simply cannot wait! Even the trailer gave me goosebumps, which gives me hope for the movie. Just thinking about all the ways they can pair anguishing scenes with powerful music moves me. For lack of a better term, I hope the movie is ‘epic’.