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My Mom and I

29 Mar

Yesterday my mom started yelling at me.

It was quite random, actually. She suddenly decided I needed to vacuum my room and out of nowhere, started yelling about how I do nothing all the time. She said I needed to clean my room and ranted about how she was doing all the work by moving my furniture. Then, she found the clothes my aunt gave me for Christmas and we both realized it was past the date to exchange them (they were too small). She then created a storm about how I was so non-attentive and remarked “Where is your mind?!”. When I was finally alone I thought furiously to myself ‘Does she think my life is some piece of cake? That high school is no big deal? Let alone at the academic standpoint, school is extremely strenuous. Does she think all of my good grades are falling out of the sky? She gives me no credit!’

She came in to my room later and started cleaning the vacuum. She started again, not really yelling but still talking sternly. I mentioned some of my previous thoughts with a shortened version and luckily, it seemed to calm her down a bit. She was back to a normal tone and explained how she needed to teach me all the necessary skills in life. She said it was wonderful that I was doing well in school, but that I still had a lot of free time and school can’t teach me everything. I need to be able to live on my own. See, if she hadn’t yelled at me in the first place and just said that I would have listened. >_>

That got me thinking. First off, let me say I only see my mom 3 days a week. I’m actually home alone a lot. She has an evening job so she’s never home when I’m awake. Sometimes in the morning she drops me to the bus stop, but that hardly counts. It’s pretty much as if she works in a different country 4 days a week and every night a PB&J sandwich magically appears in my fridge for my lunch the next day. So in total, I see her Saturday evenings, Sundays, and Monday afternoons.

When my mom said how she wanted to teach me necessary skills, I got the impression that she felt kind of desperate. I mean, she only sees me three days. So I think that in those three days, she feels the need to be a mother as much as possible. Maybe that’s why I get random outbursts like this. Maybe she feels guilty about not being here all the time so she tries a little too hard when she is here.

These are just some things that popped into my head. This blog post was just a way to get my feelings out, so if you stuck around and decided to read it then thank you.

Insight to Indian Life

13 Mar

This text is brown, just like me.

I’m a teenage girl who was born in the United States from two Indian immigrants. Some immigrants have stories of great accomplishment or terror; my parents have neither and that is something to be thankful for.

I have many things to say on the topic of Indians, so I’m going to limit this as an introduction; not to my culture, but to me. I can understand my parents native language of Hindi, but I choose not to speak it. For one, any accent I may have had has faded, making me sound absolutely ridiculous when I speak. Another is that a lot of people can’t understand what I’m saying anyways, and there may have been a traumatic childhood experience of my grandmother laughing at me when she couldn’t understand a word I was saying. (My grandmother doesn’t speak English). I can’t read or write Hindi but I may slowly learn later.

I eat Indian food almost everyday and I know how to make a decent amount of things. If you gave me flour, water, and yogurt, I could make a full meal, albeit simple.  I love watching Bollywood movies; it annoys me when they’re too corny/silly but it’s always fun. I have many things that I don’t like about Indians, and I also have many things I’m proud of. That can be saved for a later time though.

If anyone happens to be reading this or any of my other posts, let me know by leaving a comment. I would love to hear everyone’s input and opinions about my blog so far. Also, I feel like I should have a little closing catchphrase…the only thing that comes to mind is Natalie Tran’s “Stay well, eat fruit, and remember…” I’ll have to think of something.

Hi There

12 Mar

I just wanted to say a quick hello to the total of 0 people who are probably reading this blog as of now. I made this blog to serve as an outlet for my feelings so it’s basically going to be a jumble of my random thoughts. I also don’t plan on sharing this with anyone I know so this is private; how ironic that the word private in this sense means that it’s open for any stranger to read yet my friends will never see it. Anyways I’ll keep this short and sweet and I hope you will get to know me and enjoy reading the ramblings of my mind. As one last note, if you couldn’t already tell from the title I’m of Indian descent.