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Curly Girl: After

30 May

So I’ve been doing the Curly Girl Method for…a month? And I am loving the results 🙂

Here’s a quick summary of the Curly Girl method for those who don’t know: Sulfates, which are in most shampoos, strip hair and leave curly hair damaged. But they are necessary to get out silicones found in many conditioners and products. So the Curly Girl Method is simple; no sulfate, no silicone. Only condition your hair (with no silicone!) and it will be happy 🙂 For more details see my Before post: https://curryforyourthoughts.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/the-curly-girl-method/

Anyways, here’s the before picture:


And here’s a plethora of after pictures ^_^ (face blurred cause this be the internet, yo):




So do you think I got good results? Let me know!

Also, here are a few tips learned from experience:

~The pineapple doesn’t really work for me; my hair gets too volumized and poufy. I pretty much just sleep in braids or pony-tails.

~My hair is almost always half-up, half-down. The top-front section of hair gets messed up first, so for me it always looks best to pull that back with a clip or hair tie.

~Leave some conditioner in your hair, and keep your hair products like gel in your shower. I basically put in conditioner, cup some water in my hands and then splash it on my hair. I detangle it completely then I let it sit until I’m about to get out of the shower. Then, I turn my head upside down and turn the water cold, and let it run through for about one second. I turn the water off, scrunch a little with my fingers (it’ll be squishy since the hair is dripping) and then immediantly run gel though it and scrunch. I grab a shirt (or you can use a non-terry towel) and dry by scrunching with the cloth.

~I don’t really use the plopping method.

~Add honey to your conditioner; however you might wanna test this one somehow because it might not work for you, although I don’t know why. Perhaps it could leave your hair feeling sticky ?

Well, that’s it for now! I’d love to hear from other curlies ^_^

The Curly Girl Method

12 Apr

My hair from the back. Before starting Curly Girl

If you have curly hair, I’m sure you can understand the hard struggle we have to go through. The thick, coarse hair that demands constant upkeep. The insane frizz and bushiness it gives us if we do something wrong. The thousands of tangles it secretly ties itself into when we aren’t looking. Yes, curly hair demands your attention.

But if you give it the proper love and care, it will give you beautiful results. Your curls can become luscious and bouncy and shiny 🙂 And I think I’ve found the way to make it happen for me.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of it before, but it’s the Curly Girl Method. The basic premise is, curly hair is much more porous and absorbing than other types. So whatever we put in it affects it greatly. You may be surprised to know that practically all shampoos contain sulfate-the grease cutter that is used to clean dishes and clothes! Obviously this is harmful to any hair, but it doesn’t hurt anyone as bad as it hurts the curlies. Our hair gets very dried out and frizzy thanks to sulfate, and it doesn’t let our curls live out their full shape. Now the obvious solution is to cut out shampoo, but it’s not that easy. The only reason they put sulfate in shampoo is because it’s the only thing that can get silicone out of your hair-and surprise! That’s in practically all hair products. If you try to get rid of sulfate but not silicone, it will build up on your hair and basically choke and suffocate it; not pretty.

Now you’re thinking; no shampoo? How will my hair get cleaned? The answer lies in your conditioner. If you apply it on your scalp like a shampoo, you simply have to give it a really good massage and it will gently cleanse the dirt and oil away! Perfect for our needy, whiny hair. 😉

So here’s the simple method: Never use shampoo, and only use conditioner/hair products that don’t contain silicone. And I am about to start this method today. The picture you see above is my hair from today; day one. I’ve read that this method does not work for everyone, although it does for most, so I’m crossing my fingers. Also, it takes about a week for your scalp to get used to this new method and then your hair will start to become amazing. If you need more convincing or evidence, scan through the pictures on this forum for amazing before and afters: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curltalk/general-discussion-about-curly-hair/47609-post-your-before-after-cg-pics.html

Finding products with no silicone isn’t easy. Here are some popular and cheap brands: V05, Suave Naturals, Garnier Fructis (only ONE certain type is CG safe, please consult lists) Another is Garnier Fructis Putty Gel, which I only know of because I use it. I’ve scoured the ingredients and can’t find any silicones, but I’m not sure so do your research before using anything. The way you find silicones is this: any ingredient that ends with -con, -conol, or -xane is a silicone. The only exception is if in front of it is a PEG; that means it’s water soluble and doesn’t need sulfate to get out. Here’s a list of many silicone free products: http://healthycurls.net/product-lists/silicone-free-conditioners/

I’m here to document my results and try and help others; but I’m by no means an expert. Here are some great links to get you started:






This one’s from a fellow wordpress-er! 🙂  http://interrobangsanon.wordpress.com/2010/11/04/going-no-poo/



There are many more, feel free to search and google around! 🙂 However they can get a bit lengthy, so here’s a quick run through of my favorite tips; and you don’t even have to do the Curly Girl Method to follow them!

~Never brush your hair. To detangle, use your fingers in the shower while you have conditioner in your hair. Don’t worry if you loose a ton of hair, it’s natural!

~Immediately stop using towels on your hair; ones made from terry cloth will destroy it! To dry your hair, take a t-shirt or a specialized towel (I like to use a tank-top) and just gently scrunch your hair in it. Never rub, it will break and frizz!

~Give your hair a cold water rinse after your shower for shine.

~I highly recommend using product after your shower; but no silicone! Product works best when applied to wet hair; the wetter, the better! A good way to go is a smoothing creme of some sort and then a gel to scrunch/shape curls.

~To maintain your curls overnight for the next day (if you don’t wash daily, which I recommend to not dry out your hair) use the pineapple technique; use a loose hair tie (scrunchies are highly recommended) and loosely gather and tie all hair to the top of your head. Try watching tutorials for this to get a visual! You can also read up on other methods like plopping.

The pineapple; via naturallycurly.com

That’s it for now! If I remember any other tips I’ll be sure to add them in later. I’ll try to get back to you in a week or two; whenever I feel that my curls have started getting amazing 😉

What do you think of the CG method? Are you going to try? If you already do it, please tell me about your experience in the comments!

***Here is my ‘After’ post! https://curryforyourthoughts.wordpress.com/2011/05/30/curly-girl-after/***